Sara Caroline by Blake McCollum

Sara Caroline: They call me "Bird"
Me: Okay this should be a great story..... why? (assuming something maybe skydiving related?)
Sara Caroline: Because when I was born they took me to my big sister to hold.... and she immediately said I was ugly as a baby bird.... and it stuck. 

Sara Caroline has come a long way from looking like a shriveled up baby bird. She was a natural in front of my camera and an all around great person. You are a majestic soaring Eagle SC.... You are an Eagle!!!!

Drake by Blake McCollum

Most senior guys aren't fans of being in front of the camera, but Drake is a natural. You would never guess that he was feeling under the weather on the day of the session. He has a calm and cool demeanor, a genuine soul, and is the proud owner of the Bat mobile. Alright, not really the Bat mobile - but definitely its doppleganger! See below ->

Ross by Blake McCollum

This little guy though! Ross was a ball of energy to say the least. All he wanted to do was A) Play football B) Throw the football C) Try and get me to run with the football so he could tackle me D) Try to convert me to an Ole Miss fan..... 

For those who don't know, I bleed true maroon and mumble the MSU fight song in my sleep so he had his work cut out for him there; however, I had a blast hanging out with him and his family at their home and telling him (secretly) how much better Mississippi State was than Ole Miss.... he wasn't having it.

He was a natural in front of the camera and picked up on my line "Just one more" didn't really mean just one more! Excited to watch this little guy grow up like I have his big sister (whom I have had the pleasure of photographing over the years)