oxford mississippi

Sara Caroline by Blake McCollum

Sara Caroline: They call me "Bird"
Me: Okay this should be a great story..... why? (assuming something maybe skydiving related?)
Sara Caroline: Because when I was born they took me to my big sister to hold.... and she immediately said I was ugly as a baby bird.... and it stuck. 

Sara Caroline has come a long way from looking like a shriveled up baby bird. She was a natural in front of my camera and an all around great person. You are a majestic soaring Eagle SC.... You are an Eagle!!!!

Hannah by Blake McCollum

My "senior season" is slowly coming to a close with upcoming graduations but Hannah helped me finish the season strong. Hannah, her mother, and grandmother traveled from Oxford for her late afternoon senior session (by late I mean we stopped only because it was too dark). Couldn't have asked for a better day as we explored town talking about college, life, and photography (Hannah has an interest in photography so any chance I get to nerd out on photo talk, I take it) Loved this girls style and her personality to go with it. Laid back, easy going, and just an all around beautiful soul. I feel she missed her calling of being born in the 60's. Best of luck to you in California in the near future Hannah.