Blake is a 30 year old photographer currently calling Tupelo, Mississippi home but is lucky enough to be able to have a job that allows him to see the world and most importantly to meet new people.

He bought his first camera (which he still has) at the age of 15. With many years of trial and error and youtube videos, late nights in the studio, and finally a college degree in fine art from his alma mater Mississippi State University (HAILSTATE!), Blake is now a national award winning and internationally published photographer. Most recently he has been sought out by advertisement clients including ESPN, Mississippi State Athletics, Renasant Bank, The New York Post, Viking Range, Pure Insurance, Red Roof Inn, and Mabus Agency. His work has been featured in magazines, digital advertisement, and billboards. 

At his core, Blake is an artist. He learned that his original career choice of medicine was not for him. Since then, he has been creating and has never looked back. Whether he is working with a camera, a table saw, or a letterpress, he feels the most at home when creating art with a hands on projects and has a passion for the creative process. The ideas never stop coming and the possibilities are always endless. He doesn’t sleep enough because his thought process will not allow it. But that is what he loves about life and his expanding career - continuing to polish his skill set daily.


Random facts...
I like Starbursts
I don't like yellow Starbursts
I like Chinese Food
I don't like having my ears pinned to my head
I like to think I'm extremely "techy"
I don't like mouth noises
I like the smell of gasoline
I don't like spiders
I like aquariums
I don't like waking up early.... at all
I like my second shooter Joyce Li! (she's my girlfriend as well)

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