Sara Caroline by Blake McCollum

Sara Caroline: They call me "Bird"
Me: Okay this should be a great story..... why? (assuming something maybe skydiving related?)
Sara Caroline: Because when I was born they took me to my big sister to hold.... and she immediately said I was ugly as a baby bird.... and it stuck. 

Sara Caroline has come a long way from looking like a shriveled up baby bird. She was a natural in front of my camera and an all around great person. You are a majestic soaring Eagle SC.... You are an Eagle!!!!

Jessica and Ty | Wedding by Blake McCollum

Ever since Jessica and I sat down at her consultation last year to discuss her big day I have been genuinely excited to be a part of it. She described her big day in detail from the flowers, dresses and cakes to the venue perfectly, and man was it fun to photograph! I have known Jessica for quite some time now but unfortunately had never been lucky enough to get her in front of my camera. Until we did a gorgeous Columbus, MS engagement session where I met their four legged child, Dash. All three who were natural in front of a camera. Fun loving, carefree, gorgeous, and just a pleasure to be around since day one. Their beautiful wedding day was amazing to be a part of from the wedding itself to the people involved, everyone and everything was perfect. 

Down At The Water's Edge by Blake McCollum

I have always wanted to build and style my own wedding session and I finally got the chance to!

This series is the combination work of quite a few awesome people but I wanted to share with you what inspired, molded, and made this happen the way it did. Being from the south I have always grown up outdoors, on the water, around a pond, and just the stereotypical Mississippi we all know and some of you have heard of! But I have always loved it. I've had an image of a bride standing in a flower covered canoe for literally years but finding a fearless bride to do that isn't the easiest thing in the world. We had a few road bumps along the way. The actual scheduled day to shoot was a 100 percent chance of rain (it was accurate) and also a last minute location change, but it turned out to be a great but slightly cold day. So glad I was able to finally, after years of envisioning this, have it come together better than I had ever thought it could. 

As far as the amazing people involved on this session.... On my route to and from college there was a guy (at the time I didn't know him) who built hand made canoes in his driveway/garage. I have eyed these things for years! But never took the time to stop and just chat. Finally I did and met Davis, told him my idea and the ball began to roll (BTW he builds and sells them... they are amazing). I then met an incredibly nice lady, Elizabeth, at Uptown Lily Flowers in Louisville, MS. I told her, in my extremely non educated flower vocabulary, what I was going for along with the help of Joyce Li's Pinterest board, Elizabeth took what we wanted and went so far beyond. An absolute grand slam. I stuck with my forever great makeup team of Neely and Katie who you have seen doing all my makeup for years now along with Lindsey doing hair (sorry we were over an hour late for our hair appointment Lindsey). "The Bride and Groom" from Columbus were nice enough to supply our dress and tux as always (love that place). All these people are linked at the bottom, go give them all some love!

Hope you enjoy.

Chelsea and Michal | Wedding by Blake McCollum

"Bol to krásny svadobný deň." translates from Slovak into "It was a beautiful wedding day" and that is what it truly was. Chelsea and Michal's day was absolutely perfect. Filled with perfect people from literally all over the world (Michal is from Slovakia and so were his family and friends in attendance). Even with a language barrier a smile always translates. Glad I was able to spend the day with this group of people.