Bryce by Blake McCollum

Bryce's senior session was next level!!!! Rarely I find somebody just as laid back as I am and we had similar interests..... In example we chatted on professional things like Marvel movies (I had just watched a new X-men movie the night before) and the ins and outs of Monster energy drinks (.... he's literally a pro on the subject) 
Bryce and myself decided to just totally wing it and cruise around town until we found settings that we both agreed upon between our professional conversations mentioned above and just try some new things. He was open to anything I had to throw at him in the photo world which makes my job as a photographer easier and so much more fun. Enjoyed spending the afternoon working on Bryce's senior photos. 

Chris by Blake McCollum

Everybody meet Chris! (Wally (Chris' best four legged friend) makes an appearance in there as well!) It was a great day getting to hang out with Chris, Wally, and Penny (mom) for a day of photos. Getting to be a part of somebody else's family for an afternoon sounds a bit weird as I type it but it really is an amazing thing. Hearing family stories about Elton John concerts, meeting family members, and hearing their story (like Wally.... he's been in their family for YEARS! He's named walt because they found him at Walmart. Fitting right?) It's sessions like this where I get to meet amazing people, see new places, and experience new things that makes me love my job even more.