Kelly and Colby | Wedding by Blake McCollum

I remember the first time I met Colby and Kelly for their wedding consultation here at my studio. Cool and friendly from the get go. They also had their new pup join us. She was just a few weeks old at the time; you can see their family portrait below from the engagement session a few weeks later. But it wasn't long before this pup mistaked my artificial turf (I photograph athletes in the studio on it) for real turf during her bathroom break. Call me soft but I couldn't even be mad at a dog so cute. However, it makes for a good story and definitely an unforgettable moment - like Colby and Kelly's wedding day.... but way less "crappy". It was a beautiful day filled with great weather and great people. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Ponder. 


Snow day in Mississippi by Blake McCollum

Just in case you missed it..... it snowed almost 9 inches this past week..... IN MISSISSIPPI!?!?! It feels just as weird to type that as it does to read that. For some of you that don't venture much to the south, Mississippi isn't known for it's gnarly powder and ski slopes. So to say the least this was a crazy change of scenery and climate for a few days. 

The photographer in me had to ignore every single person in Mississippi saying "STAY OFF THE ROADS" and get out and take a few photos of the snow. It's beautiful no doubt, but no fun to drive in. Lots of slipping, sliding, getting stuck, spinning, and a bit of drifting later Joyce Li and myself made it back to the studio safely, soaking wet but memory cards full of a beautiful day in Amory, Mississippi.  Joyce will be posting her own blog of some of her photos as well on her blog soon you can check it out HERE!

Also if you are a fellow Amorian and take a liking to some of these images, I will be selling prints at the Art and Music Festival in the Frisco park on March 28th! Come get you one!

My partner in crime. 

My partner in crime. 


To be a photographer I honestly hate being in front of the camera. I can count on one hand how many times I have willingly posed for photos. Joyce however has her ways and talked me into it. Made me feel like a proud teacher when she turned out this image.  

Photo Credit: Joyce Li

Photo Credit: Joyce Li

Bryce by Blake McCollum

Bryce's senior session was next level!!!! Rarely I find somebody just as laid back as I am and we had similar interests..... In example we chatted on professional things like Marvel movies (I had just watched a new X-men movie the night before) and the ins and outs of Monster energy drinks (.... he's literally a pro on the subject) 
Bryce and myself decided to just totally wing it and cruise around town until we found settings that we both agreed upon between our professional conversations mentioned above and just try some new things. He was open to anything I had to throw at him in the photo world which makes my job as a photographer easier and so much more fun. Enjoyed spending the afternoon working on Bryce's senior photos.