Shannon and Paul | Wedding / by Blake McCollum

Shannon and Paul! Such a great couple that I was able to make some great memories and stories with. I have watched these two come together over the past year from meeting at the wedding consultation to engagement photos (great story there coming soon) and their wedding day! Their wedding ceremony was at Manning Gardens in Guntown, MS (a photographer's dream if you are a fan of natural light like myself). The weather was perfect and so was the wedding day! 

As far as that great engagement session story that I mentioned above. We (myself, Shannon and Paul) had moved to a location about 15 minutes outside of town to finish up engagement photos and had been shooting for about 20 minutes when my battery completely died (not the power level but the battery R.I.P. died) NO BIG DEAL! I'll get my backups out of my case (photographer pro tip... ALWAYS have backups of everything) opening my case I see I don't have a single backup battery on me. They were all left on chargers at the studio and I had accidentally left without them. That 15 minute drive (30 minutes round trip) was cut in half as I was racing the sunset. 

Here are a few photos from their engagement session below.



Luckily for me I got back in time for a beautiful sunset and some incredibly soft lighting and the session ended beautifully. I placed a few images above from their engagement session after the camera mishap. 

And wedding day photos below! Thanks for letting me hang out with you two, Shannon and Paul!