Mattie / by Blake McCollum

One of my favorites things to do is meet new people! Get out of my comfort zone and experience new cultures, environments, ways of living, and just learn about different places that I have never been. Mattie and her mom helped entertain that idea for her senior session! Mattie came ALL THE WAY DOWN to good ole Mississippi from Chicago, Illinois for some senior pictures. Chicago isn't THAT far but compared to population 6,000 Amory, it's a jungle. Having never been to Chicago (I know... I know... I know... It's on my to do list) I loved just chatting about the differences in life from here and there like...
•Traffic (it doesn't exist in Amory)
•Weather (Mattie had school canceled once because of temperature. not because of snow but because the wind chill was NEGATIVE 50. 
•Plants (not as strange of a subject as you'd imagine... Mattie's parents own a plant nursery)

All in all Mattie was a trooper and battled the cold (granted it wasn't negative 50) and we made some beautiful senior images for her, and more importantly for me, I met some really awesome people. I was glad to show them around my town and just hang out and talk about life. Days like that day are the reason I love my job so much.