"Facing South" / by Blake McCollum

Through my college career and while earning my degree in art one thing the university makes all us do is look outside of the "box" that all of the incoming students have around their art. Mine was photography and honestly had never really ventured outside of the realm of a camera. Luckily for me I ended up in a wood shop with around 15 other strangers, many of whom had probably never touch a power tool, for "Sculpture 1." Really long story (sculpture 1, 2, and advanced studio classes) short I found a new passion for working with my hands on everything from plaster, metal, wood, clay, and anything our professor put in front of us. 

A post college wood project (coffee table) of my own.

A post college wood project (coffee table) of my own.


This professor I am speaking of is Mr. Critz Campbell. Over the years and semesters of studio classes a great friendship and a huge  respect for his work was built. (click his name it'll show you his website/portfolio) Not only a great professor but just an awesome guy and super patient.... no telling how many fingers that guy has saved from a table saw throughout his career.  Over the past few years I noticed him making this series "Facing South" which I ended up being asked to photograph while on display at The Depot on the campus of Mississippi State University. Needless to say it was incredible. For those who haven't seen it he creates scenes from nothing but wood. Every line, plane, tone, and color change is an individual piece pieced together by him. Craftsmanship to the max!!! (he even does commission work so if you're looking for that one special piece to go in your home.... send him an email!)

I was even lucky enough to end up with a piece to call my own. I am proud to welcome "Nita's Memory #2" to it's new home in my studio! Shoutout to Joyce Li for the studio picture (below)!

And a few images of the gallery itself.... Be sure to go check it out if it's on display near you!