Megan and David | Engagement / by Blake McCollum

Any day in Starkville is a good day! Especially when you have great company for an engagement session. I met Megan a few months back at her consultation with her mother and we all hit it off! We ended up going out for a steak dinner afterwards and talking about non-wedding subjects for hours! Loved getting to know them. Fast forward a little bit and I get to finally meet David along with Megan for their engagement session. They made my job easy! They were genuinely happy to be there and especially together (they've been dating since November 6, 2006!!! I have a picture from their very first date too!!! ). It was an obvious chemistry that helped the made it easy and more fun for me! We explored Starkville for the afternoon and even had a four legged celebrity show up (Both Megan and David are both proud MSU alumni and worked at the vet school so he was a familiar face) Excited to be a part of their big day this upcoming year! 

Funny story to end this session: We ended our session with the sunset at the Noxubee County Refugee where they had done (what I assume to be) a controlled burn of a large field. Me not thinking very clearly walked off into this field crouching, walking, pushing my way through brush to get the perfect shot. As I approached Megan and David they basically just laughed at me. To my unknowing I had COVERED my legs, pants, shoes (which were white), basically everything in black suit. Needless to say I went through the drive through on the way home rather than going inside to eat. Regardless though it was a great day! Love this couple. 


100_2920 2.JPG

(the picture I mentioned earlier (↑) from their very first date on November 6, 2006)