Jessica and Ty | Engagement by Blake McCollum

And winner for the most photogenic couple goes to these two! Jessica and Ty were an absolute pleasure to work with. I have known Jessica now for quite some time - from her pageant days to her dad coaching football at my community college, our paths have crossed numerously. Currently, Jessica and Ty live in Jackson but traveled up to Columbus to spend the afternoon with me at the exquisite Rosedale Historic before taking a walk down at the "River Walk". These two are perfect for each other in every way! Dash (their four legged child) also took part in their engagement session and he even loved the camera... until he got bored with it and was more interested in smelling trees. So glad I was able to hang out with this great couple for the afternoon and make beautiful portraits. Really excited to be a part of their big day this coming May!

Jessica's friend ( Caroline Taylor Jewelry ) made this necklace for her. It has the roman numerals of their wedding date etched into it. Really really cool idea. 

Jessica's friend (Caroline Taylor Jewelry) made this necklace for her. It has the roman numerals of their wedding date etched into it. Really really cool idea. 


Amory Humane Society Fundraiser by Blake McCollum

I did something out of the norm for me and my style of shooting this past holiday season...... and loved it! For those of you who do not know me, I have always been an animal rights supporter and always tried to do my part to help support the local Amory Humane Society. I was asked to do "Pet's Pictures with Santa" as a fundraiser (the session fee was a donation of any kind to the shelter) and decided to dive in head first not knowing what to expect. I have personally never done any pictures with Santa.... or multiple animals....  so there was an extremely large learning curve for me. It was a great day (minus the rain) with a great turnout. Thank you to all that came to see Santa and help a great cause. Glad I could be a part of this event (be on the look out for it again next year!)

Thanks to Joyce Li for the video and Sheila Johnston of the Amory Animal Hospital for all the animal handling expertise throughout the day. 

Thanks to you all we raised a total of  8 bags of dog and puppy food totaling 105 pounds, 5 bags of cat and kitten food totaling 36 pounds, 30 pounds of cat litter, 3 rolls of garbage bags, 6 bottles of Dawn, 7 blankets, 8 rawhide bones, 5 leashes, 2 tie out cables, 6 bags of treats, bundles of towels, latex gloves, 2 bottles of laundry soap, 1 bottle floor cleaner. Along with another $300 to be donated along with the supplies.