Rivers' carousel first birthday by Blake McCollum

Photographing a one year old birthday party isn't my usual Saturday photo session but I was lucky enough to knock out another "photography first" when Rivers turned the big 1! Catherine (Rivers' awesome mom) has been one to keep me on my toes since I began photography from one of my first ever solo weddings (years ago) to my first maternity session and even more recently Eden's Farm cattle calendar. I'm glad to have friends and clients that continue to ask me to photograph these important milestones throughout their familie's lives. 

But to speak on the elephant in the room.... this cake was amazing. 

Cake: Steve Stockton (
Smash Cake/Cookies: Mary McGuires
Party Invitations: Joyce Li
Painting: Patty Crosby 

Painting: Patti Crosby

Painting: Patti Crosby