David and Megan | Wedding / by Blake McCollum

Some people are just meant to be from day 1. This is one of those couples. David and Megan have been dating since their first date in 2006 (more information on that from their engagement session). After many years, a long distance relationship, and even moving states to be with each other, Megan and David are happier than ever and now officially married.

As a photographer I am lucky enough to get to meet a lot of people. I would call myself a people person so I highly enjoy interacting and getting to know everybody I photograph. I get to spend hours with people on some of the most important days of their lives. Megan and David, along with their family, have made that so much fun and made me feel like part of the fam. Dinner with Megan and her mom, chatting for hours, exploring Starkville for their engagement session, frantically searching for an animal rehabilitation facility for an injured hawk I once found, picking Megan's mind about the perfect cruise..... and finally deciding she's planning a cruise for me, to getting invited to their crawfish boil rehearsal dinner.. Everybody had welcomed Joyce and myself in like they had known us for years.

Random fact: A large majority of the people that were rehearsal dinner are from Ohio. They don't really eat crawfish in Ohio.... so there was a big learning curve for a majority of the visitors but they ended up loving it.  For those of you who traveled down to Mississippi and enjoyed the food.... This link is for you.) 

Glad to see this amazing couple start a new chapter in their life that started way back in 2006. I couldn't have asked for a more awesome group of people to work with that I am lucky enough to now call friends.