Dane and Jacquelyn / by Blake McCollum

What is every girl's dream? Minus puppies, a beautiful family, and to travel the world, it would obviously be their Pinterest board coming to life. And that is EXACTLY what happened to Jacquelyn on her engagement session. I have known Dane since literally middle school and watched him grow up (that made me feel old) and he has grown into an amazing young man and has an amazing young lady to spend forever with. Okay back to the Pinterest story.... Jacquelyn knew Dane and herself would be doing engagement photos in Mississippi so she decided to search Pinterest for inspiration ideas. As we were chatting Dane told me she showed him some of the photos that she liked. And Dane casually told her, "Oh yeah, Blake took those!" (at this time she didn't know who I was or knew I had any connection with those specific photos) IT GETS BETTER!!! There was one specific post that she liked (I have already decided locations of the session the day before) as she described the photo I finally realized which specific dock she was talking about and realized we were actually going to that exact same location that afternoon to end their session. Internet works in funny ways sometimes. So glad I was able to be a part of these special people's special moment in their lives. Congrats, Dane! Jacquelyn you handled Mississippi like a pro! 

Okay enough with Pinterest stories. Here are the photos.