Carlee and Dave's Rainy Day Wedding / by Blake McCollum

Question: What do we do if it rains on our wedding day?

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. We all have heard that saying used throughout our lives but how often do we really get to live that out? Carlee and Dave got the chance to on their wedding day and it turned out for the better. Most couples (and photographers alike) cringe at the thought of a rainy wedding day and even more if it's an outdoor wedding. I will admit Carlee and myself without a doubt cringed a bit when we looked outside 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and it was an absolute downpour. Dave (the groom) was a champ keeping her calm and happy though, props to him! The weather channel app (we all became meteorologists that day) said there would be a 30 minute break in the rain and the option for moving the ceremony under the awning, "plan B," was out due to the guests outnumbering the space available. When the ceremony started it was a light rain/sprinkle. No big deal! (Shoutout to Canon cameras weather seal!) As the wedding party entered, the rain thickened. As a photographer, my nerves heightened slightly but still, I can handle this! As soon as Carlee entered the wedding area the bottom fell out of the sky. I was jumping from random guest umbrella to the next borrowing umbrella space  (you know who you are and I thank you for that) to attempt to stay dry which did not work... I was soaked already. When the ceremony started I honestly was thinking..... "What?!" but by the end I was thinking "This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever photographed." It genuinely was amazing to be a part of that special moment that I GUARANTEE every single person in attendance will never forget, myself included. 

Later that night when I was talking to Carlee and she mentioned to me that she had unfortunately lost her father at the age of 13. She said, "The rain was nothing more than my father watching me and crying down from heaven." There was even a clap of thunder (true story) when they kissed. It gave me chills and still does to this day. Carlee and Dave are an amazing couple who didn't let a little rain mess up her perfect day. Life gave them lemons.... and they made the best lemonade anybody could ever ask for.  


Also I want to send a special thank you to Old Waverly workers who were SOOO helpful the day of, from drying attendants seats, getting me bandaids for my blisters showing up from new shoes, to just being supportive all around. ALSO a big shoutout to Renee Reedy Videography for not only just being an awesome human being but also spotting me AA batteries when I was in a bind. 


And just incase you are curious as to how I turned out during the ceremony. The umbrella at that point was strictly for the camera gear. I was soaked. Like literally taking out socks and ringing the water out of them soaked. Luckily I had packed an extra change of clothes (I always do because I sweat a lot and it's Mississippi) And a special thanks to Joyce Li for being the best second shooter ever. 

Thanks to Marc Liza Miley for the picture.