Sara Caroline by Blake McCollum

Sara Caroline: They call me "Bird"
Me: Okay this should be a great story..... why? (assuming something maybe skydiving related?)
Sara Caroline: Because when I was born they took me to my big sister to hold.... and she immediately said I was ugly as a baby bird.... and it stuck. 

Sara Caroline has come a long way from looking like a shriveled up baby bird. She was a natural in front of my camera and an all around great person. You are a majestic soaring Eagle SC.... You are an Eagle!!!!

JoAnna and Jack by Blake McCollum

JoAnna and Jack had such a beautiful wedding day in downtown Columbus, MS. They have been such a great couple to get to know over the recent months. From total strangers to sharing drinks in a corn field in no time flat. (if you are curious about that part.... click here) I was totally honored to get to know these awesome people and be a part of their wedding day.